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"Three Grand Souls"


“Three Grand Souls” (2019), premiered at the Golden Door International Film Festival where the film received several nominations, including Best Director for Johnny Greenlaw, Best Actor for James Pravasilis and a Best Supporting Actor win for Christian Keiber.

"The Refugee"


While searching for the Marine that saved her life, Eva, a Refugee from Iraq, discovers her own American dream. 



Johnny directed the award winning film, "Three Grand Souls" (2019), garnering a Best Director nomination for his work. He wrote, directed and starred in the feature film, "Mommy's Box", winning Best Feature Film at the Manhattan Film Festival. The film finished it's festival run in China, at the Shanghai International Film Festival, before it's theatrical and digital release. Johnny shot and directed the feature documentary "Finding Francis", winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature Film at the New York Film Festival. Johnny is a graduate of the prestigious Hofstra University Film Program.

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